John Hughes Blues: Weird Science

Have you seen this movie? I have a few friends who haven’t seen it, and I was trying to explain it to them in a way that would make them want to see it. I realized this is very, VERY, hard! It sounds so silly and weird, but IT IS such a good movie!


The main characters are two unpopular high school boys, Gary (Anthony Michael Hall) and Wyatt (Ilan Mitchell-Smith).  They really like two very popular girls, but the girls have horrible boyfriends (of course) who ridicule and bully Gary and Wyatt whenever possible. They are both pretty smart, as is usually the case with unpopular kids, so one day, they decide to make the perfect woman on their computer. They input all sorts of qualities and characteristics for her, and as the title suggests some weird science happens, and their perfect woman actually comes to life as Lisa (Kelly LeBrock)!

Lisa is the most beautiful woman anybody in this movie has ever laid eyes on. Everybody is in love with her, including the horrible boyfriends mentioned above. The two popular girls Gary and Wyatt are in love with, see her and get very jealous of her beauty. But Lis is more than just the perfect woman, her mission is to help Gary and Wyatt by putting them in situations where they have to be ‘real men’, and slowly realize they can be cool (and get the girl)!

It’s a great movie, I love all the ridiculous situations Lisa puts the guys through, and above all, the best character is Chet (Bill Paxton) who plays Wyatt’s brother. Great movie to laugh and pass the time!


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