Book Review: The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King

The Drawing of the Three is the second book in the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. It starts right where you left off on The Gunslinger {the first book in the series}.


This little, furry, guy approves of The Dark Tower series!!

This little, furry, guy approves of The Dark Tower series!!

Roland wakes up on the beach where the Man in Black left him. “Three. Three is the number of your fate.” With this quote you can basically summarize the book. Roland is danger, his life is on the line, he is closer to death than he has been before, and he needs to find the three which will complete his ka-tet. The way they describe ka in the book, is ‘your destiny’. I understand ka-tet as a play on words with ka and quartet. He needs 3 more to form a team of 4 in order to reach his Dark Tower; which in Roland’s mind is his ka, his destiny. Speaking of play on words, my favorite is lobstrosity. A combination of lobster and monstrosity. They are these awful creatures that are always attacking Roland on the beach. They come at night and Roland must run from them, or fight them. And who really wants to fight a lobstrosity?

Throughout the book, Roland has to ‘draw’ three people from magic doors. These doors connect to our world, at different points in time, all in New York. And though using a door as a gateway through time and space may sound a little boring to you, it’s not. King manages to make it so much more than just a door. You will never be bored reading this book, it has so many twists and turns you will find yourself surprised more than twice. It is such a strange concept, I am confident I will never read a book like this one {or any of the other 6 in the series for that matter} again. He manages to tell a story that to me is inconceivable. How did he come up with all of this? I wish I could ask him…

I am looking forward to reading the rest of them because I know they can only get better!

Five stars for the second book in this wonderful series!


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