John Hughes Blues: Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink stars Mollie Ringwald as Andie Walsh, a high-school student who loves pink. She’s not the most popular girl in her school, and what I admire from her is she doesn’t care. She knows what she likes, and she is her own person. It’s very inspiring!

Molly Ringwald is stunning in this movie!

Molly Ringwald is stunning in this movie!

After school, Andie works at a Record Shop where she meets a fellow classmate, Blane. He’s the rich, handsome type which she and her friends constantly make fun of. But there is something about him which Andie feels is different. She definitely has a crush on him. Things progress and as you can imagine, two different worlds (he’s rich, she isn’t) cannot collide with some collateral damage involved.

I should also mention James Spader plays one of Blane’s best friends. That should be enough to make anybody watch this movie! A YOUNG James Spader for crying out loud!

I definitely liked this movie, but I feel I would’ve understood, or connected more with it, if I had seen it during my teenage years. I think every girl should watch this movie, and like Andie, be proud of who you are, and stick with it, no matter what anybody else says!


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