John Hughes Blues: The Breakfast Club

In the book, Wade tells us he’s reading a new post by Art3mis called ‘The John Hughes Blues’, in which she talks about her 6 favorite John Hughes movies. She divides them into two groups –>

A) Dorky Girl Fantasies — Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, and Some Kind of Wonderful
B) Dorky Boy Fantasies — The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and Weird Science.

So, as part of this blog, I have to watch all of them. I decided to start with The Breakfast Club, because I’d already seen it, and I love it! Any reason to re-watch this movie will do for me.

What to say about one of the greatest movies ever made?

You can watch this movie on Amazon Instant Video or Netflix!

You can watch this movie on Amazon Instant Video or Netflix!

The Breakfast Club is about a group of High School students who have been given (or sent to?) Saturday detention. All the characters are introduced as they arrive, Saturday morning, to school. The interaction with their parents, or lack there of, in the few minutes it takes for them to be dropped off is enough for us to get to know them:

We have Molly Ringwald as the popular, school sweetheart, Claire. Emilio Estevez as the sporty, school jock, Andrew. Anthony Michael Hall as the nerdy, unpopular, Brian. (OMG! He was in Dead Zone! Warehouse 13! And Psych! I knew there was a reason he was my favorite!) John Nelson as the misfit, school trouble-maker, Bender.  Lastly, we have Ally Sheedy as the weird, anti-social, school emo, Allison.

We get to know these characters, and their struggles at home, during their time in detention. It’s really fun to see these characters open up, and develop a sort of connection with people they would never have otherwise, because they belong to such different school cliques. They realize they are more than just their stereotype (and that’s something we can all be reminded of sometimes).

I won’t spoil the movie too much, for those of you who haven’t seen it, but just know it is definitely a movie everyone should watch.

PS: I was at a wedding a few weeks ago, and as soon as ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’ by Simple Minds started playing, a friend and I screamed: ‘THE BREAKFAST CLUB” at exactly the same time. I sure do have cool friends 😉


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