Book Review: Damned by Chuck Palahniuk

Finch had a few weeks off, but he knew right away what to do! Talk about a professional!

Finch had a few weeks off, but he knew right away what to do! Talk about a professional!


Damned is twisted and horrifying, yet still silly and wonderful. Palahniuk has a way of writing a story that has so many levels of understanding, you could read it 30 times and always find something new. This book is filled with Palahniuk’s satire; the one we’ve come to love, and expect, in his novels. There is no one better to sarcastically ridicule our society, than Chuck Palahniuk.

It took me a couple tries to actually finish this book. I kept getting stuck in places which grossed me out just a little too much. Some places made me feel so uncomfortable I had to put the book down.  I would say to myself “I can’t read this anymore”… but curiosity got the best of me every time. I just had to know Madison’s story. (<– and that is why Palahniuk is so great!)

Madison is a 13 year old girl who dies and goes to hell. And hell is worse than what you would expect. I will not tell you how she dies, or why she has gone to hell and not heaven; because that is mostly the premise of this story. Could there really be a way out of hell and into heaven? Hopeful little Madison is about to find out. Even though Madison herself is a great character, Madison’s parents are my favorite! They are the perfect example of what not to do, yet they are so loving and caring it’s hard to be mad at them for who they are: Perfect satiric characters to today’s society. I could not think of any way they could be more perfect. They are the epitome of perfectly flawed characters.

This book is definitely not for the light-hearted (which seems to be a recurring theme here lately, I’ll change it up soon). You need strong guts not to puke while reading this book. But I got through it without any puking, and I couldn’t be happier. It is such a great book! It takes you into places you should probably never go to, and makes you feel uncomfortable just holding the book, but it is so worth it. The story is great, but the way Chuck Palahniuk tells you this story, is even better.


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