Book Review: Cinder by Marissa Meyer

I absolutely LOVE the Lunar Chronicles, and as I mentioned in this blog post, I got to meet the author, Marissa Meyer! I read Cinder when it first came out, in January of 2012, I was actually counting down the days until I could read it, and this was the FIRST book in the series! I finished reading it two days after I bought it!

I hope you enjoy my review!


Finch showing off my signed copy of Cinder ♥

First of all you need to know I’m a sucker for: fairy tales, anime, and most all things nerdy and cute.

Cinder is a futuristic version of Cinderella, set in a civilization still suffering from the after effects of World War IV. Cinder is a cyborg, and she lost all of her memories before ‘the accident’. This accident left her parent-less and half cyborg. The story takes you through Cinder’s life as she finds herself, and discovers secrets about her past that she never thought possible.

You will fall in love with Prince Kai, and Iko will win your heart over. She has got to be one of my favorite characters! She’s a smarty-pants android, is Cinder’s sidekick, has a great sense of humor, and has a loving personality!

One of my favorite changes Marissa Meyer made from the original Cinderella, is that one of Cinder’s stepsisters (just one) is nice! Peony, is the nice stepsister… Cinder only has two friends, and Peony is one of them (always count Iko, it doesn’t matter that she’s an android). Peony doesn’t discriminate against her just because she’s part machine, like everyone else (cyborgs are considered second-class citizens). She loves Cinder, and Cinder loves her.

Most of the traditional elements from the original fairy tale are still there, there are an evil characters (Step-mom, and the other Step-sister), the charming Prince, and helpers to get her to the ball (just Iko really). It’s all the usual suspects but all in a completely different setting.

It feels almost like a combination of Sailor Moon, and Chobits, with a sprinkle of a Sci-Fi TV show (like Firefly)! Ahhh!!! What a perfect combination. It all falls into place like perfectly packed snow on top of your car. This book made me feel like a little girl again, and I loved every second of it. ♥

PS: I’m trying to come up with a rating system that’s similar to the 5 star rating system, but I don’t want to use stars. I’ll keep you posted on how its going! For now, lets just say this book is amazing!


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