Cress Tour: I Got To Be A Fan-Girl

One of my favorite authors (as you can tell by the books I’m obsessed with list), Marissa Meyer, is on tour for her newly released book Cress. I went to see her and had the wonderful opportunity to be a nerdy fan-girl with her! Before she started her talk, she was nice enough to spend a few minutes talking with my husband and I! We talked Star Wars, Sailor Moon, writing, NaNoWriMo, blogging… it was AMAZING! She definitely elevated my level of obsession by 10 points (<– I have no idea what that means, so just go with it).


Here is Finch helping to show off my copy of Cress.

Her talk was inspiring! She told us the back story on how she got started writing, her successes, and even some of her struggles. She talked about her family, and her favorite TV Shows growing up. It was epic! I received a couple of nifty gifts for buying Cress that day, and I wanted to share them with you!

My 214 Rampion, Class 11.3 Poster was my favorite gift! It is currently hanging up in my mini-library! ♥


I just realized I should’ve asked her to signed this too!

I also got a Cress hair comb, and a cute little chap-stick! Also, she was giving away bookmarks and buttons! It was all really cute!

Finally, I wouldn’t leave you without a picture of my signed book!!! Makes me all fan-girl giddy!


Again, thank you Finch for showing everybody the awesomeness that is my signed book!

I promise I tried really hard not to jump up and down while screaming with happiness the entire night. I think I managed it pretty well! Thanks again to Marissa Meyer for being ridiculously awesome, and I really hope I get to go see her again for her Winter tour! *fingers crossed*

5 thoughts on “Cress Tour: I Got To Be A Fan-Girl

  1. You are very lucky to have met one of your favorite writers. One day, Stephen King and I will have a nice long conversation over coffee and we shall discuss all his books…one day. 🙂

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