Book Review: Divergent by Veronica Roth

Hello! And welcome to the first of many book reviews!  I am not a professional book reviewer, so please do not expect me to write in-depth analyses of the books I read. I will most likely just share a few thoughts an ideas, and hopefully you will do the same!

I am almost finished with Allegiant, and for that reason I decided to review the first two books in the trilogy, Divergent and Insurgent, even though I read thewm quite awhile ago. I had actually reviewed both these book in my previous blog, so I’m using what I wrote before, and how I feel about it now to write this post.


My adorable Ewok-looking puppy and Divergent.

First off I want to share how I ended up reading this book in the first place. I had just finished reading The Son of Neptune, and I was looking for something new to read. I looked in my book shelves (aka: my mini-library), because there’s a few books in there I haven’t read, and I saw this one. I had completely forgotten I bought it after GoodReads recommended it to me (I was sold when I saw a review saying it was like The Hunger Games, dystopian young adult). I didn’t even hesitate to grab it and got to reading it immediately!

This book is centered around a society that is divided into Factions. You are born in a particular Faction, and live there until you are of a certain age, when you can chose whatever Faction you believe in most. These are: Candor {if you believe the truth will save us all}, Abnegation {if you believe selflessness will save us all}, Erudite {if you think knowledge will save us all}, Amity {if you think kindness will save us all}, and Dauntless {if you believe you have to fight for your safety}. The main character, Tris, is coming of age and needs to chose the Faction she will spend the rest of her lief in. But it is not as easy as it seems. Nothing is as it seems.

I loved it. I actually think it’s better than The Hunger Games! Page after page I was stunned, surprised, excited, nervous, happy, sad… and all of the emotions in between those. I loved all the characters; Four and Tris made my heart smile. I loved how every single character has a purpose in this book. The narrator’s voice is unique, it grabs you and never lets you go; not even after you finish the book. {And that’s why I ran out to buy the sequel: Insurgent}

There are parts in the book when you feel you are at the edge of your seat, your heart is pounding, and you can’t stop turning the pages. You are rooting for Tris, and falling in love with Four. To say I devoured this book would be an understatement. And the author is only 22 years old! That’s amazing! I hope we will get many more good reads from her!


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