RPO: Help Me Obi-Wan

So excited to finally be sharing more blog posts with you! I was MIA for a while because things got busy and I got to play in the snow for a few days! I have been watching the movies, and even a TV Show (but I will talk about that in another post)!

Episode IV: A New Hope

We finally get to meet Leia, Luke, Han Solo and Chewbacca! I love them! I just have ONE question: How do you pronounce Leia’s name? In Episode IV, I heard it said two different ways: Lee-a and Lay/Ley-a. I’ve always said the latter, but now I don’t know which one is correct. Any hard-core Star Wars fans out there that can help me with this one?

Luke, Obi-Wan, Han, Chewie, C3PO and R2D2 go on a mission to save Princess Leia from Darth Vader. She is a Rebel Leader in the fight against the evil Galactic Empire (plus she’s beautiful and rich, which both help persuade Han Solo). Their journey takes them inside the Death Star, the Empire’s deadliest weapon. They manage to free Leia, not without problems, and are about to flee the Death Star when they realize Obi-Wan is giving up his life so they can escape. It is tragic, but it is definitely needed in order to build on Luke’s character.

This movie is amazing, I loved seeing it again after so long. Honestly I remembered more about these movies than the last three. I love Han and Leia’s interactions with each other! I mean, who doesn’t? We finally get to see evil Darth Vader, although as I mentioned before, we all know he’s not really evil. I love that there’s a strong female character (Leia Organa) who doesn’t back down in tough situations! What a great role model!

The special effects are not the greatest, but considering it came out in 1977, they are pretty amazing! The dialogue is a little cheesy, but the storyline is great! Props to whoever cast Harrison Ford as Han Solo, he does an amazing job!

So tell me, who’s your favorite character from the original Star Wars? (AKA: Episodes IV, V, and VI.)


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