RPO: Darth Vader Isn’t Really Bad

You know the drill by now, let’s talk Star Wars.

Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

I honestly forgot how dark and tragic this movie is! I needed quite a few tissues while watching it (I’m a crier). It starts out happy with Anakin and Padme who have been reunited. They are married, but they have to keep it a secret because she’s a senator, and he’s a Jedi (who are not supposed to have any attachments). She tells Anakin wonderful news, she’s pregnant! Not long after that, Anakin starts having nightmares. The same kind he had right before his mother died in his arms, and this time they are about Padme. He sees her dying during childbirth. Having barely endured the pain of losing his mother, he vowed to not let Padme die.

The Jedi’s are in search of General Grievous, to kill him and end the Separatists attack on the Republic. They want Chancellor Palpatine to give up his emergency powers after the threat is eliminated. However, Master Windu and Master Yoda fear he won’t give up his powers easily. They ask Anakin to spy on Chancellor Palpatine, and he feels very uncomfortable with this; he considers the Chancellor to be a mentor and a friend.

The Chancellor, uses this trust to twist Anakin’s perspective, and convinces him the Jedi are trying to take over the Republic. In return for his loyalty, he offers Anakin some secrets of the Force, which only those in the Dark Side have ever been able to use. He could even become powerful enough to stop death. Anakin realizes this is the only way to save Padme. To turn to the Dark Side, and learn to use the Force to stop her from dying.

Chancellor Palpatine, which now we know is the secretive Darth Sidious, tells Anakin the only way to prove his alliance with the Dark Side was by killing all the Jedi in the Jedi Temple, while he orders his army of Clones to turn against the Jedi’s they’d been fighting with. Then the sad music starts, and we see one by one as all (well, almost all) the Jedi’s are killed. Way too sad for me, I cried my eyes out in this part. The worst part was that the only Jedi’s left in the Jedi Temple, were the young Jedi’s still in training. It broke my heart to see Anakin kill them all 😦

Now that Padme realizes what happened to Anakin, and what he did, she loses the will to live, and so right after giving birth to her twins, and naming them: Luke and Leia, she dies. Which basically means that all of Anakin’s efforts to save Padme, led him right down the path which destroyed her. And that is why seeing the future is so tricky.

So yep, a very sad and dark movie. By far, my favorite one of the three I’ve watched. It was definitely not made for children, like the other two (IMO). And in the end, when we see Darth Vader in his black mechanical suit, barely human anymore, and the first thing he asks is if Padme survived, I know for a fact he isn’t really bad, because he did it all for love.

I can’t wait to start Episode IV, and see grown up Luke and Leia! Remember to follow me on Twitter if you want to read my tweets while I watch these movies! @Art3misSmith


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