RPO: In A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

Let’s talk more Star Wars.

Episode II: Attack of the Clones

I want to go back to the topic from my last post, the difference between watching these movies as a kid, and watching them now (not so much a kid, but still a little bit). My biggest memory was how in love I was with Anakin (aka: Hayden Christensen). I thought he was the dreamiest boy ever, and Padme was SO lucky to be with him. I knew their love was true.

Fast forward quite a few years later, and that ideology of Anakin being dreamy is shattered. Really, he’s just an annoying, self-centered, immature boy, who looks at Padme like he’s going to rape her. It was CREEPY. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the dialogue between Padme and Anakin… it’s so cheesy! I wanted to vomit, and I am usually all for cheesy and romantic! But this was over the top! I mean when Anakin says: “I’m haunted by the kiss that you should have never given me”…I couldn’t take it anymore! It’s so cheesy!

This movie is about a Sith by the name of Darth Sidious who ordered an army of clones (STORMTROOPERS!) to be made, and Jango Fett was the Bounty Hunter they used to make all the clones. He asked for one unaltered clone for himself, and who is this unaltered clone you say? Well, none other than Boba Fett!

Padme, who is a senator and not Queen of Naboo any more, has to go into hiding (with Anakin as her guard, obviously) and so she leaves JarJar Binks in her place at the senate (a proxy). Which is the stupidest idea ever, like she hasn’t seen countless times how clumsy and stupid he is. It was obvious something bad was going to happen with him in the senate, and when he moves to give the Chancellor emergency powers in order to deal with the Separatist Crisis, I knew he was the reason for the Attack of the Clones. Oh JarJar…

Then something horrible happens to Anakin. His mom, Shmi, dies in his arms; and I blame Obi-Wan on that one. They all know Anakin has lots of midi-chlorians (is that how you spell it?) so they should’ve known his nightmares were more than just that! He’d been having them for a while, why couldn’t Obi-Wan go with him to Tatooine to find his mom?

So first, Qui-Gon leaves Shmi behind, when I know he could’ve freed her along with Ani. Then Obi-Wan doesn’t listen to Anakin’s dreams and his mother ends up dying in his arms! It’s like they wanted him to turn to the Dark Side!! Seriously, how could he not go evil with all the bad that happened to him?

I like the story line, and how they made Padme and Anakin fall in love, and then bring it full circle with Luke and Leia, but they could’ve done a MUCH better job with it. They didn’t have to make it weird by the age difference, or painful to watch with their awful dialogue. But hey, it’s still Natalie Portman and I still love her. ♥

But I guess you need mistakes in order to make a good storyline, right? If everything was perfect then it would get a little boring after a while. So, I’ll suck it up and forgive the Jedi’s and JarJar, and enjoy the story. Now the Republic is controlled by Chancellor Palpatine, and he has an army of Clones, and they are fighting the Separatists who have an army of Droids. I think it’s a nice setup for an epic battle, wouldn’t you agree?

What did you think of this movie? Have you seen it lately?


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