RPO: Next Big Step

Next up on my OASIS adventure: Star Wars!

I already mentioned I am re-reading RPO. I’m going at a really slow pace, and I actually got a paperback copy so I can make annotations and write down my thoughts. I have never done this before to a book; to me, books are sacred and I take REALLY good care of my books. So I decided to buy two copies, a paperback and a hardcover, so I can keep one clean and pretty, and use the other for this project. I know I’ crazy, but I’m loving it!

In RPO, Parzival is explaining to us how he came to know about The Hunt. He has had a seriously hard childhood, and he’s only 13 years old when Mr. Halliday’s video is released. He’s explaining a video game he coded once, referring to it as kind of a right of passage, and compares it to a Jedi building his first lightsaber… That’s where Star Wars comes in. I have seen the movies many times, but I am actually extremely excited about watching them again! Who wouldn’t? I just love them, and get mad at me all you want, but I like all 6 of the movies. I like IV, V, and VI better than I, II, and III, but I still enjoy them all! Since there is no specific mention of one Star Wars movie, I decided to watch all of them. In order.

So I will start watching Episode I: The Phantom Menace right now. As in, I delayed starting to watch it because I wanted to publish this blog post first. I’ll be doing a live tweet and, later next week I’ll write a blog about them!

Have you seen the Star Wars movies lately? Want to join me virtually and watch them together?! Follow me on twitter @Art3misSmith and join me!

This is so much fun! I’m enjoying every second of this new adventure!
~May the force be with you~


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