RPO: Getting Started

Fellow Adventurers,

At the beginning of Ready Player One (RPO) we learn about the death of Mr. Halliday. If you have not read the book, do not worry, it is not a spoiler!

If you haven’t read the book you might also be wondering who is Mr. Halliday? {I will however, suggest you read this book ASAP}

James Donovan Halliday (avatar name: Anorak) is the creater, and genius, behind the best video game ever created, OASIS. Halliday along with his business partner, and best friend, Ogden Morrow, start a video game company early in their lives selling games out of their garage. Needless to say they were very popular, and soon outgrew their garage and formed Gregarious Simulation Systems (GSS), formerly known as Gregarious Games. But it was their success with OASIS which made them both multi-billionaires. Nowadays almost everyone uses the OASIS as a sort of escape-from-your-life, virtual reality.

Upon his death, he left instructions for a video message to be delivered to all the OASIS users, in which he describes a sort of ‘Egg Hunt’. Clearly inspired by the hidden ‘Easter Eggs’ found in most, if not all, video games (most memorable for him: Adventure from 1979), the Egg Hunt (also known as The Hunt) would award the first person to ever find it Mr. Halliday’s entire Estate, including 240 billion dollars, and his controlling share of stock of GSS.

I won’t go into much detail of what happens next, at least not yet, because by now we have come to the first reference to a movie! You see, in his video message, Mr. Halliday is described, by Parzival (the MC, real name: Wade Watts), to be in a funeral looking down at his own body. The ‘other’ people in the funeral, are described as being Winona Ryder and Christan Slater from the movie Heathers. I have never seen the movie, but it does have a good looking cast! I will start by watching this movie, probably tonight, and then blog about it! That’s how I’m getting started with my own Adventure 🙂

image from IMDB.com

image from IMDB.com

Stay tuned for more adventures in OASIS, and remember: all Characters, and Locations I talk about are from the book RPO (unless otherwise noted). So do not give me credit for coming up with any of these awesome names/ideas (like Art3mis or Parzival), give praise to the author Ernest Cline (AKA: buy and read the book!)



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