What’s ‘Book Obsessed’ All About?

I have recently come to embrace one of my ‘problems’. It hit me one day, when I realized I could make something fun and creative from what I, and many other people, have considered to be a problem. The problem being: I get obsessed and extremely attached to certain books. I feel like Walter Sparrow (Jim Carrey’s character) in the movie The Number 23. I see connections with the book and my personal life everywhere. I could easily be exaggerating when I call it a problem, but my friends sure think it is when all I do is talk, and talk, and talk, about the book.

There’s been a few books that elicit this behavior from me. A Discovery of Witches and its sequel Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness (I am eagerly anticipating the third, and last, book in the series, The Book of Life), which I recently just got over. I’m sure everyone is happy that I’m not talking to my house, and brushing up on my Elizabethan London knowledge in the unlikely event I time traveled to that era, just to find out more of what powers I posses as a witch. Because, I am a witch.

Then it became The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. My behavior for this one was a little different than ADOW, in that I didn’t pretend to be one of the characters. Mostly because it would’ve been too sad, but definitely because I could never be as smart, and witty, as Hazel Grace. What I did was talk, and talk, and talk about how amazing this book is, and then recommended it to every living soul that was unfortunate enough to cross paths with me. But my obsession didn’t end there, I was already a fan of vlogbrothers and all of the other channels John and Hank Green have. I considered myself a Nerdfighter, a Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers fan, obviously a Wimbledon Wimbly Wombly fan, and many more great things all because of the Greens. They had seriously changed my way of life, I will never see YouTube the same way, and I was determined to make everyone’s life better by introducing all of this to them. Didn’t work out so well, apparently not everyone is as willing as I am to spend hours watching YouTube videos. Sigh…

But this blog is a child of another book.  A book, that I could say, made me realize who I really am, and embrace it. Not only in the sense that I am embracing my book obsession ‘problem’, but also in the sense of who I am. And who I am is a nerd. A Whovian, a Hunter, a Sherlockian, a Potterhead, a Ringer, a Trekkie, anything Whedon…. you get my point. The single greatest revelation I had from loving this book so much, was that I WANTED to do more than just read it.

Ok, enough with the suspense! The book is, and can only be, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. It is easily in the top 3 spot for greatest book of all time (but I am counting series as ONE book. Because, Harry Potter). So here is the purpose of this blog:

Starting with Ready Player One, I will post, watch, play, paint/draw, anything and everything related with this book. I will re-read the book and watch all the Movies and TV Shows mentioned in it. I will download emulators and play (but probably fail) all the video games mentioned in it. I will feel like I truly am Art3mis. I know it is a daunting task, since the book mentions almost every single movie/tv show/video game from the 80s. I’m not saying I will watch everything, but I will attempt to do it. I will document it here, and when I am done, or at least satisfied, I will move on to another book obsession.

So join me on my Adventure into OASIS, and remember: DFTBA.


4 thoughts on “Home

  1. I really like your passion for books!!! You must get that from an adult that was obsessed with books too and spent a lot of time reading! Can’t wait to read more. You are a cool writer! Congrats!!!

    • Thanks!!! And yes, my mom was a obsessed with books too! Not so much anymore, which makes me sad. But I guess I get obsessed enough for both of us! Ha!

  2. Oh my goodness I so get what you are saying, it is almost like looking in a mirror, or reading a mirror…or…you get what I mean. Also wanted to share that I too am obsessed with the Discovery of Witches series as well and CAN NOT WAIT till the last book comes out, but then again that will mean it is over… I am so looking forward to your future posts. Amy

    • Yes! I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I fear the last book of ADOW coming out too, but I keep telling myself I can just re-read it later! ♥

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